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Javier Douglas is a Law graduate who subsequently re-trained in Radio Production & Print Journalism with CSV Media at BBC Sussex in Brighton. After a brief stint as a freelance radio journalist/producer, Javier taught himself filmmaking skills and was eventually offered the role of BBC Video Nation Producer making short documentaries. One of his first films about homelessness won a Webby award. Monkey Menace is Javier’s first feature documentary and first time filming animal behaviour.


Selected Filmography highlights:


2006 - ‘My Own Front Door

Short - Self-Shooting Producer/Director and Editor

A 7 minute film about a women’s experience sleeping rough in Brighton.

Won a Webby Honorees award.


2006 - ‘Moving on’ with Ray Gosling

30 min documentary on BBC4 - Shooting AP

Ray Gosling sharing stories with rough sleepers across the UK.

Won RTS Best Documentary at Midlands Regional awards.


2011 - BBC Headroom

Javier produced a series of 25 short documentaries about mental wellbeing issues with contributors he sourced from around the UK - Self-Shooting Producer/Director and sometimes Editor.

At Mind Mental Health Media Awards, BBC Headroom won both New Media Award and a special ‘Making a Difference’ Award. Also crowned at Ability Media International awards.

Including a film about dementia called ‘Make it work for You’ that was shown at Edinburgh International Film Festival.


2012 – ‘Britain in a Day’

Feature documentary on BBC 2 - Shooting Producer/Director

(Bafta and Grierson nominated film)


2015 – ‘Surviving Nagasaki’

BBC Video Nation short - Self-shooting Producer/Director and Editor

A film about an RAF engineer who survived the atomic bomb.

Shown at the Uranium Film Festival in Quebec. 

Javier's website:

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